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Children in school

10.5 million Nigerian children are not in school. We are working to ensure that every child, (especially girls and children affected by conflict) has access to high-quality basic education.

Under the framework of Every Last Child (ELC) campaign, we designed a Girls Education Campaign in 2018 that is aligned with the goals of ELC. This includes Goal 2, toend child marriage; Goal 3,increased access to inclusive education for children; and Goal 6, mobilising the public to remove barriers that exclude children). The campaign aims to advocate for the rights and development of disadvantaged children in Nigeria to ensure that no girl child is left behind or excluded from the opportunity to access quality primary and secondary education.

Children smile at school

We work to increase access to, and the quality of, early childhood care and development and basic education. We have played a vital role in the DFID-funded Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria (ESSPIN) project leading on community engagement, and forming 12,000 school-based management committees. This resulted in improved quality of learning environments.

We are currently executing Foundation for the Future. This is an Education in Emergencies Project in Borno State, funded by DFID, to increase access to quality and safe education for children affected by conflict.

We are also a part of the EU Support to Early Recovery and Resilience in Borno State that is aimed at increasing the resilience of the education system and services in conflict-affected areas of the state by focusing on improving access to safe, quality and inclusive education opportunities for conflict-affected children, adolescents and youths.