Working to Improve Nutrition in Northern Nigeria (WINNN) Launches Adopt-A- Site Campaign

Tuesday 28 August 2018

To ensure that interventions are well sustained beyond the life of the programme which ends in March 2019, WINNN (Working to Improve Nutrition in Northern Nigeria) implements a sustainability strategy that includes supporting the state governments of Jigawa and Yobe to domesticate the National Policy on Food and Nutrition, develop a robust 5 year, costed multi sectoral nutrition strategic plan, build the capacity of the State Food and Nutrition Committees to effectively coordinate nutrition activities and advocating for increased government funding for nutrition among others. As part of the resource mobilization efforts, WINNN in partnership with the State Primary Health Development Agency is flagging off the Adopt A Site Campaign aimed at leveraging additional support from philanthropists and organizations to join hands in supporting the smooth running of WINNN programme supported interventions sites so that women and children will continue to benefit from the services when the programme comes to an end.

The Adopt-A-Site Campaign is a program whereby volunteer persons or organizations may contribute to the running of an intervention site by adopting an Outpatient Therapeutic Program Centre, community IYCF support groups and or demonstration farms within the LGAs and generally providing support in maintaining the sites for a specified period time. This provides the opportunity for philanthropists and organizations to impact on the lives of women and children in local communities by improving their health and nutritional status. The volunteer will work in partnership with the State Primary Health Care Development Agency, WINNN programme and the WDCs to provide support to a particular site. An MOU will be developed between the volunteer and the SPHCDA to define the contractual terms.

Objective of the Campaign is to support the State Government and WINNN programme’s effort in improving nutrition status of women and children. For further inquires on this kindly send an email to This opportunity is strictly only open to Jigawa State indigenes.

Any person/organization which volunteers may be authorized to participate in the Adopt-A-Site Program by agreeing to support any of the interventions sites in accordance with the terms prescribed in an Adopt-A-Site Agreement, subject to the following rules:

A volunteer person or organization shall NOT be eligible whose name:
o Endorses or opposes a particular candidate for public office.
o Advocates a position on any specific political issue, initiative, referendum or other piece of legislation.
o Includes a reference to a political party.
o Volunteer persons or organizations shall be assigned sites on a “First Come First Served” basis.
o Volunteer persons or organizations shall be assigned a site for a minimum of two years. Agreements can be terminated by either party upon thirty days written notice.
o Each volunteer organization participating in the Adopt-A-Site Program shall provide direct access to the SPHCDA representative.